about us

Hello and welcome to our store.

Who are we?

Rather, the store I have just created was born out of a desire for freedom. It is a childhood dream, however naive it may be. To be honest, professionally, fate was not kind enough to me. You all know it is never easy to do a job as good as it is, but you just can't get to cherish it. This experience, through this online store, I see it as an opportunity to support individual initiative, collaborative work, participatory development and a way to demonstrate that we can free ourselves from the chains imposed by feudal practices. This humble online store is for all of us. Of course, I am not an expert in the matter but I am at least sincere.

Why choose us ?

Our online store finds good quality products for you that meet international standards and comply with the standards in force.

Our approach ?

Our choice of items is based on the supplier's reputation and user feedback on the items for sale.

Our commitment: satisfied or reimbursed.