Adorable Customizable Unisex Black Leather Bracelet

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Multilayer Leather Bracelet for Men and Women

Customizable leather bracelet to wear every day and without moderation. Boost your look with the simple yet timeless beauty of this bracelet. This carefully designed bracelet is secure for everyday use. Perfectly sized to add a noticeable touch of femininity and masculinity, while being small enough for easy everyday wear. To wear for celebrations, parties, family occasions or even to look good.

Materials in superimposed leather in white and black gold Color black plated and / or white gold plated.

Bracelet Features:

  • Specificity: customizable engraving by the name of the customer
  • Metal type: STAINLESS STEEL
  • Custom Type: NAME
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Bracelets Type: Cuff Bracelets
  • Chain type: link chain
  • Adjustment Type: Pin Adjustment
  • Material: leather
  • Pattern shape: ROUNDD
  • Style: TREND
  • Compatibility: all compatible
  • Closure Type: Easy Hook
  • Width: 10MM
  • Length: 19.5 cm
  • Certified by the laboratorySGS certification
  • Ecological materialsécologiques

loupe curieuses Details for successful customization of the bracelet

To personalize your Koli Multilayer Bracelet, nothing could be simpler. Look down:

  1. How can I communicate my information to you?

You can note in your order when you confirm your order information a box is dedicated to your request, or send us a messagee 

NB: If we do not receive any information after 12 hours after placing your order, we will send the bracelet as is, due to the order processing rule.

  1. Can i use my own language?

Yes, but only English supports font selection, the other language will be default font: Arial

  1. Can I add my own logo?


  1. How long to personalize my jewelry?     

Usually we will ship within 48 hours working time 

  1. How many letters can I put on this bracelet?  

It will be better inside 2 lines and 30 characters / line

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